Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Noah's Amazing week!

It was such a wonderful week here at the Dastrup home. It was Noah's first week in scouts (which he had a blast) and he also got baptized on saturday,december 5,along with two other sweet kids, Max Love and Bella Morley from our ward.It was a wonderful spirtual experience. I am so proud of Noah and the decision he made to get baptized!Your AWESOME Noah!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

My new hobby!

I recently learned how to make these and am having so much fun making them. They are so cute and you can make them to match any outfit.They are watch band bracelets and I love them.I never liked wearing a watch,cause I thought it looked so plain.But I love these!They are multi-purpose,for time and a cute bracelet!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Noah is "8"!!

This is a birthday Noah has anticipated for a while,like since his older brother turned 8, 2 1/2 years ago. When he saw what you get to do when your "8"...getting baptized,Scouts.I am so glad it is finally here so he can experience these awesome experiences he has waited to experience for so long. I was at his school yesterday on his birthday to bring his baby book to show the class and bring some cookies to share with the class.Its a special thing you get to do on your birthday in his class.You can have your Mom or Dad bring in some pictures of you when you were a baby and tell about when you were born.You also can bring in a special treat for the class.The class also gets to ask you any questions they want about you.So one of the questions was"What is your favorite thing about turning "8" is?" Noah quickly replied "getting baptized".Proud Mommy moment number 1.The second proud Mommy moment was with another question "What is your favorite thing to do?"Playing video games and spending time with my Mommy.
Noah is such a special kid.He is full of life.He cares for people deeply.He cares how people feel.I am so proud of the kind of person Noah is.I hope he always feels how much he is truely loved by those that surround him.
Noah I hope you had an AWESOME birthday and I hope you love being "8"!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Great Savings website..

www.Freebies2deals.com is such a awesome website! I found out out her website on Good Things Utah. She is a recently stay at home Mom who loves bargain shopping.So she does all the work and then posts it on her blog and if you sign up she can send you daily deals.One example is I bought Disneys "Up for blu ray and dvd normally($19.99)the first week. Well she posted a printable $10.00 off coupon.So I got mine for 9.99. Plus she posted rebates for "up". So once I send mine in I will get $8 back. So total for the "Up" Dvd and blue ray is $2!!! Check it out!!


Sunday, November 01, 2009


We sure had a fun Halloween!It was also the first time since I have been married that I dressed up!Probably as the most popular costume for this year...A vampire!
It was sure fun dressing up and I think the kids really like that James and I dressed up this year.James dressing up as a 50's hot guy!I think next year we will do better with the costumes since the decision was the day before Halloween that I was gonna dress up and James decide a couple hours before we went trick or treating.
We had a lot of fun trick or treating with our good friends the Larsons. Afterward we came back to our house and drank some delicious apple cider that was brewing during our trick or treating excursion.We also ate homemade roasted pumpkin seeds and homemade carmel corn that my Mom made for us and ofcourse delicious candy we got trick or treating!=) We had fun carving pumpkins as well 2 days before Halloween.Caston and Noah carved their own pumpkins front and back ,side to side.Caston helped Maddie carve her pumpkin and Daddy carved his and Van's pumpkin which were Spongebob and Patrick. James took his pumpkin(Spongebob) to his work and entered it into the pumpkin carving contest and won first prize!!!We hope all of you had as much fun as we did for Halloween!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Grand Canyon and California Trip

The beginning of this month we were planning one of our many trips to California.Well James thought it would be fun to go somewhere on the way
there.Since all our kids are potty-trained and big enough we don't have to
feel like we have to rush there.So we decided we would go to the Grand Canyon.
Wow!What amazing place! So beautiful. We stayed there for a couple of days and we were lucky enough to have James's parents and brother join us.The kids had a blast.Seeing beautiful scenery and wildlife,becoming jr camp rangers,going to a ranger show at night in the woods,being able to eat out at every meal,getting to eat whatever they want and Maddie's favorite part of the trip is sleeping in our Cabin-type motel at the Grand Canyon.My only thing I didnt like was the stress I had every time we would be at the Grand Canyon's edge with 4 little kids!They did do good and I am so glad we had an adult for each kid.And ofcourse like always we had a wonderful time visiting family and friends in California.

Friday, August 28, 2009

School Days

I can't believe its a new school year already.My kids are growing up so fast before my eyes.Its so bittersweet. I am so excited for them to experience this next year and all the neat experiences they will get to experience,but the other part of me wants to keep them little forever.The difference what a year makes is amazing to see how much they have grown physically and mentally. I feel so honored to be their Mother and be able to love them and watch them grow and hopefully teach them some things along the way.Have a wonderful new year my sweet babies.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Glitter toes at Home!!

So I have been hearing about Glitter Toes alot and I was searching the web to see what
they were all about and I stumbled on a link on how you can do them at home for way cheaper.
Although I love getting Professional Pedicures! But I am sure like most of us we can't afford to get a Pedicure every week,so this is what you can do between those times.I tried this and it works great.I couldnt find any nail glue so I just used the clear nail polish as my glue.I shouldve taken a picture,I forgot. I have done ruby red, and a pale pink, and a sparkley white color.It looked really cute!
Check it out and tell me what you think?


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pioneer Day fun!

We had such a fun time at my Mom and Dad's yesterday.She put on a Pioneer Party.My Mom and Dad dressed up as Pioneers that my Mom homemade the costumes.She also made all of us girls Bonnets and all the boys wore a hankerchief around there necks like pioneers.We made our own butter and scones.We taught the kids how to play jacks and marbles.My Dad taught the kids how to rope his homemade bull cut-outs.My Mom taught the girls how to make their own Ragdoll.We had fried chicken,dutchoven beans,watermelon and potato salad.My Mom read a pioneer story to everyone called "Betsy Buttons".My Mom and Dad also hired a "Caller" who taught us several square dances!So much fun!We had rootbeer floats with homemade vanilla icecream.Then we walked down my Mom and Dads street for a spectacular fireworks show put on by a neighbor who owns his own fireworks stand. I have never seen such cool fireworks that you can buy(they are the more expensive ones.=) )I am so grateful to my Parents for putting so much effort into the Pioneer Party.It was neat to get a taste of how the pioneers use to live. I love you Mom and Dad!!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Cool Digital Scrapbooking Software!

My friend just posted this on her blog and I think it looks great. It looks easy and cheap. I have been interested in doing digital scrapbooking for a while.I think it will take way less time then the normal scrapbook and I might actually get caught up with my photo books.Let me know what you think or if you have any other suggestions.Happy Scrapbooking!=)


Here's the link. I tried to upload the video but it wouldn't work for me.Maybe I was doing something wrong? Any suggestions?

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Puzzle Champions!

I really have to say I think I have the smartest kids alive..J/k.But they are all very smart.Thank goodness I think they got James genes in that department.Things always come easy for him,but me I have to work harder.
Anyways,I bought 2 24piece puzzles for Van for his bday.He loves puzzles!Unfortunatly he finished them in like 2 seconds.Way too easy for him.So I bought him a 70 pc.Took him a little long 10-15min.Maybe I will look for a 100 pc puzzle for him.=)
Madelyn is my other puzzle champ. I bought her a 60 piece.Same story.Way to easy for her. Bought her a 100pc takes her a little longer,but still does it with ease.guess I will have to find 150 pc for her.=)
My kids amaze me everyday!Here's to my puzzle champs!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I cant believe my baby is 3 today!!

Van I can't believe you are 3 today! It doesn't see fair that time goes so fast sometimes.It seems when you are little you just want to be grownup already,but when you are a grownup you just want time to slow down.I can't believe my baby is 3. I really am out of the baby stage, and it is bitter-sweet.I am a little sad that my kids are just gonna keep growning up and won't need me as much as they continue to grow but I am so excited to watch them as they grow and see the wonderful people they are becoming. I am truely blessed with great kids.
Van I hope you have a great and fun day! You are so special to me!Thank you for brightening my day every day and making me feel so loved.You are so smart and amaze me everyday.I can't believe how well you are at puzzles.How 25 piece puzzles are too easy for you!Your thoughts are amazing.You will always be my baby forever and ever. I love you!!
your Mommy

Friday, June 12, 2009

Oquirrh Mountain Temple

I am so filled with appreciation and happiness and a sense of safety of being surround by Temples.I feel tremendously blessed to be in an area that has 4 temples close by.I grew up with 1 temple and it was 45min-1hr to get there.Now I am surrounded and 1 is just within a few mins to get to.My heart is overflowing with the deep appreciation and love for the gospel that I have in my life.I hold the knowledge to know how to live with my Family (the most important thing to me)Forever.Last night I was able to attend the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open house with my husband James,Caston and my parents.What a wonderful place to be.I was so excited to share the experience of being in the temple with Caston.He was fascinated by it. As we would be going up the stairs he would be looking up at the ceiling and the beautiful Chandeliers and all around he wouldnt be paying attention and almost tripping over his feet. I had to litterally hang on to him so he wouldn't fall down the stairs. I didnt mind at all . I wanted him to take it all in and remember this day and carry it with him so he will work to be worthy to get his temple recommend when it is time and that he will desire to come often.We were able to go on the tour of the temple with a wonderful man in our ward Wayne Wright.He set up a special time that we could go as neighbors.It was wonderful to see alot of my neighbors there and share this experience with them.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Birthday,Caston!!

I cannot believe I have a kid who is a decade old!Caston I cannot believe you are 10

today!I remember so clearly when you were born.What a great joy and love we felt when you

where placed in my arms that very first time and every time after that my love and joy as even grown stronger.Caston I am so proud of the person you are becoming.I really appreciate your sweet spirit and your willingness to help me (most of the time =) ) Please always know how much you mean to your father and I .You are such a wonderful part of our family.We feel so blessed that you chose us to be your parents here on Earth and that Heavenly Father has intrusted us with you.We are always here for you ,We love you!! Happy Birthday!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Preschool Graduate!!

Is this for real?Maddie how did you grow up so fast?You were my tiny little baby

just yesterday.How did you get so big,that you are now going to elementary school in a

couple of months?I am so proud of you Maddie! I love you!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Taking the Scouts to Channel 4 news Station!

For an activity with our scouts,Margaret had an awesome idea to take the kids to The Channel 4 news station and attend "Marti's weather school"! It was a blast!We got to talk to two of the Anchors there,1 Sportscaster, and ofcourse weather lady and 1 of the host of "Good Things Utah" Marti Skolds. It was neat to hear of on the techinical things and all the have to do to prepare for the news. There is alot more work put into it then you may realize. I am so glad the boys had a great time.We certainly did as well. We sure love our boyscouts!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Happy 11th Anniversary!!

James, words cannot express how deeply in love I am with you.Ever since our first date I knew something was so special about you and you know my Mom said that first night she had a feeling we were gonna be seeing alot more of you.=) You don't know how badly I hoped that to be true.You have always treated me with great care and love. I have always felt your love. I love you for that.You are an amazing Husband, Friend and Father.I am proud of you and the kind of person you are.You make my world go round.I love how we can laugh so hard with each till we are cryin. I love how I still feel so excited to see you after work or when we have been apart.(And it's not just because I need help with the kids.=) ) I love how we get along so well and how relaxed we are with each other. I feel very blessed to have you as my Forever Eternal Companion.I have enjoyed so much being married to you these last 11 years and I cannot wait to enjoy forever with you.Always know how much I love you!

Yours Forever,


Friday, March 06, 2009

Grateful for Trials

I know this is might be weird to say. But I am grateful for trials.I am grateful

because you grow as a person and learn more about the kind of person you are or can be.

Going through the trials James and I have faced this last year has only stregnthened

our relationship.I did not think that was possible.You want ( And I am only speaking for

myself.I realize not everyone has the same experiences.) to do everything possible to make

your spouse feel better about the trials you are going through. I am a type of person

who trys to adjust positively to trials that I go through.Does that mean I don't hurt ,stress,cry.

No. I have done plenty of that lately.I do know people react differently and maybe react differently to different trials.We can not grow spiritually as a person

if we never go through trials.My testimony has stregnthened throught this trial we went through. Heaven Father has blessed us a great deal . I want you all to know,I know our Heavenly Father listens to our prayers and he is aware of our dealings.Some trials are short , some are long , some last the entire time we are here on Earth.Everyone is going through a trial or more than one.I want to always remember that and beaware and try to help out any way I can. I have also felt so much love from family and friends during this time. I want to thank all of you that made us feel so loved.We love you and hope we can always be there for you.So there you have it. I am grateful for trials,atleast what you get out of it.=) But I will enjoy being a little less stressed and hope that it is gonna be a while till my next trial.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy birthday my precious girl!

Happy Birthday, Maddie! You are my sweet girl.Words cannot express the happiness I feel to be your Mother. I have always wanted a little girl,since I was a little girl.I love doing girly things with you. I love painting our nails together and having tea parties and all the fun things girls get to do.You are so full of life.I love how motherly you are to Van and your babies.You are such a big helper to Mommy. I know you are going to be a wonderful Mother someday. I can't wait to watch you with your own babies.But for now I want to enjoy the precious time I have with you as my own little girl.You are so loved!You have so many people surrounding you that love you!Always remember how special you are!Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you and the kind of caring person you are.May all your birthday wishes come true! Love,Mommy,Daddy,Caston,Noah and Van