Sunday, June 21, 2009

I cant believe my baby is 3 today!!

Van I can't believe you are 3 today! It doesn't see fair that time goes so fast sometimes.It seems when you are little you just want to be grownup already,but when you are a grownup you just want time to slow down.I can't believe my baby is 3. I really am out of the baby stage, and it is bitter-sweet.I am a little sad that my kids are just gonna keep growning up and won't need me as much as they continue to grow but I am so excited to watch them as they grow and see the wonderful people they are becoming. I am truely blessed with great kids.
Van I hope you have a great and fun day! You are so special to me!Thank you for brightening my day every day and making me feel so loved.You are so smart and amaze me everyday.I can't believe how well you are at puzzles.How 25 piece puzzles are too easy for you!Your thoughts are amazing.You will always be my baby forever and ever. I love you!!
your Mommy

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Burts said...

I totally remember you being pregnant and then having him! Where does time go?! I hate it:(