Friday, January 06, 2012

Christmas 2011-Best Parents Ever!

We had a wonderful Christmas and got spoiled! We have two of the most wonderful sets of Grandparents a family can ever have.They are so thoughtful and caring and take wonderful care of my little family. I unfortunetly had a cold the entire time I was in California for 8 days.=( But thanks to my mom-in-law who took such great care of me and my family ,Christmas was still great!We were able to celebrate Christmas with my parents before we left to California to spend Christmas with James's side of the family.I really do feel incredibly blessed to have not just one wonderful set of parents but two sets!We feel their love and care whenever we are around them.James and I can only hope that we can be that wonderful to our kids families.We hope our parents know how truely grateful and blessed we feel that they are our parents.They are wonderful examples to us and we love them with all our hearts.