Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Noah!!! 9 years old!!

Happy Birthday Noah!! I can't believe you are 9! I feel so blessed to have a son like you. You have such a kind heart. You make me smile everyday.I hope you have a wonderful Birthday!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

How we first met...

I am stealing this idea from a friends blog.I thought it would be a good idea to write down how James and I first met,so then I can share it with all of you and also so my children can know and remember our story.

I was 15 and was at the home of my boyfriends(to let you know our relationship was about out the door for me as he was treating me not as well as he should and I deserved better) cousin house.We were all gathering there to go to a formal at their high school.As I was standing there alone waiting to go(painfully shy,if you know me I am not a social butterfly until I get to know you well enough)James came up to me and introduced himself and then told me "I looked really nice tonight".At that moment I was putty in his hands.Here was this gorgeous,polite young man being so sweet to me,who he didnt even know me.Unfortunately my boyfriend's cousin,whos house we were at was his girlfriend at the time.Little did I know that relationship was on its way out the door also.But we respected our companions and were out with our companions that night. It wasnt until several months later,we met up at a Church dance where we saw each other again.He asked me to dance,ofcourse I said yes and we talked and discovered neither one of us were in a relationship anymore and how much we liked each other.I was so hoping he would ask me on a date that night,but he didnt instead he ask me if I was going to the next scheduled dance.I said yes.So we told each other we would see each other there.Well when I heard that dance was resheduled for another date.I felt like I had to get a hold of him and let him know. I had to see him again,this I knew for sure. So I did something I never did before,something I still can't believe I did,being as shy as I am. I didnt have his number,so I called someone who did and then I called his home!One of his brothers answered.He wasnt there,so I left the message about the dance.Feeling a little doubtful that he wouldnt get the message.I went to the dance and waited and hoped.I was trying not to make any eye contact to any other boy in the room,because I wanted to be available to James. So when a boy started to walk up to me I would walk away. I know.Mean.But I wanted James. Finally,finally I see him! He see's me! We dance and talk that whole night.My Dad was a chaperone at the dance and asked about the boy I was with and told my Mom "the way those two are looking at each other,I think we are in trouble."James asked me out that night.You seriously could not wipe that smile of my face.We went out to dinner and the beach and then went to his parents home.He brought me home and said goodbye. I opened my front door,shut it and leaned on it smiling away. My Mom came in and asked me about my date and then told me" I think we are going to be seeing alot more of that boy.I said I hope so. Sure enought we dated for the next 2 years then I sent him off on his mission,waited for him, he came home,reconnected instantly,proposed to me the next month on Christmas eve in front of both our families at my house.We were married 4 months later on April 3,1998.I feel incrediably blessed to have this wonderful man in my life. He is my best friend and eternal companion. I pinch myself everyday wondering how I got so lucky. draft

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Hot Springs!

Have you ever been to a natural Hot Spring or wanted to?I have wanted to for a while.We finally found one on the internet that looked good and wasnt to far away. It is in Ogden,Utah. You just pull up to the side of the road and park your car,walk down this path and you have entered in to a whole nother place.=) I felt like I was on vacation. It was awesome. It had 3 natural hot springs right next to this rushing river.With a beautiful waterfall cascading down the mountain. I was in heaven.Even with our kids I felt like we had flown somewhere tropical but this was free except for gas.So many beautiful places to explore,just here in Utah .I am gonna try and focas on places around us to explore than wanting to spend money we dont have and go fly some where else.There is so much beauty here in Utah.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cute and fun flipflops!

So me and my sister Amy and our daughters had so much fun making this cute flip flops for the summer.Hobby Lobby was having a sale on their flipflops and ribbon,both a dollar each!! So this was a super cheap and super fun craft to do for the summer.They are so comfty too!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Van turns 4!!

So my baby turns another year older,and I think how bittersweet it is. I am sad to see him growning up so fast,but on the other hand its nice to get pass the baby stage and see him become more independent.Not saying I don't like the baby stage, I love it.But after a while and I am sure I am not the only one,I need a break from it.Its alot of hard work.But as I said I am sad that I won't be having anymore babies.I will just have to enjoy the babies around me and I can't wait to be a grandma(although Im not ready yet),I think that will be the best.
So Van had a wonderful birthday. I really love to make it so special and fun for my kids when they have birthdays. I know James thinks I spend too much money,but I can't help it. I guess its because my Mom always made my birthdays so fun and special and still does and also joins in with my kids making and giving them special gifts.I always appreciate her effort of making our day so special so I want to carry that on to my children.
Anyways, we started out his birthday with singing him "Happy Birthday" as soon as he woke up,to having his special Toy Story cereal for breakfast( I let the kids choose what they want to eat all three meals on their birthday).We then had a bunch of cute kids from the neighborhood over for his Toy Story themed birthday party.It was so fun.All the kids had a great time,including me. Then after the party I took him to go see "Toy Story 3",which was AWESOME! Loved it so much! Then we had his birthday dinner.Pizza was his choice. Finished the night with playing with his new toys!What a great day! Happy Birthday my precious boy! I love you so much!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Maddie lost her first tooth!!!

Maddie has been so excited ever since her tooth started to wiggle a little bit.She has been excited for the tooth fairy to come visit her.Every day she would say," I think its getting more loose." Finally the day came when her first tooth came out.It happened to be on Caston's birthday as Caston was opening his exciting present, James pulled Maddies tooth right out.We were scrambling for the camera for the reaction on Caston's face for his exciting present and at the same time Maddie's face as her tooth came out.It was pretty funny and will make a wonderful memory.=)

Caston's 11!

It's so hard to believe I have an 11 year old. I am sure I will feel this way each year from now on.It's true what they say...They grow up so fast,so enjoy them when there little while you can.I am so proud of who Caston is as a person.He such a blessing to me and I love him dearly.
Caston had a wonderful Birthday...being luck to get everything he asked for.Wow what a dream come true for a kid.Special thanks to a special Uncle and Grandparents!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

We have another addition to our family....

Well, I have been asking James for a few months now if we could get another kitty.He wanted one just as bad as I did, even though he is allergic.We just love kitty-cats.The are soft and cuddley and are pretty easy to take care off.The kids love watching them chase a variety of things around the room.
So we went on Ksl and found a home that just had baby kitties that needed a home.So we called at 9pm that night and picked her up at 9:30pm.You usually have to jump right on it if you find baby kitty's for sale (especially girl ones)because they go fast and ofcourse we were very excited to get her.So James,Noah,Maddie and Van were in the car on the way home from picking the kitty up when James said"What should we name her?". Van instantly stated the kitty should be called"Crystal".So then everybody else said some other suggestions and Van told them he had already named her"Crystal". So that was that, our new kitty's name is Crystal.Here some pictures of her and our other sweet cat Mimi(who we had since she was a kitty as well.)Mimi wasnt so sure of her at first,but now has taken over the motherly/friend duties of Crystal.Which we were hoping for..

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Happy 12th Anniversary,Hunny!

Dear James,

Here on this day, celebrating our 12 year wedding anniversary I sit and ponder and think of you.I think of how happy you have made me through all the years I have known you.Starting with the very first time you spoke to me, when I was just 15 years of age.Such kind words for me to hear.I remember how it made me feel for you to notice me.I continue to pinch myself every day since then and wonder why me? How did I catch your heart so. How did I get so lucky?Your everything to me.Everything that I could ask for.You have brought so much into my life.I am so grateful to have you for a best friend,eternal companion and father to my children.Thank you for all you do for me and our children.You are so selfless,kind,funny,honest and caring.Thank you for loving me. I feel how strong your love is for me and I hope you always feel how strong my love is for you and how it even still continues to grow,even when I can't imagine loving you even more, it grows.I am excited to live forever with you! I love you,always.

Your wife,

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Vegas/California trip 2010

I actually was not planning to go to California till July since we just went for Christmas/New years.But I was so glad when James said he needed a vacation and asked when the kids were off-track next.Since they are off for a whole month,it helped having a vacation for 10 of those 30 days!=) So our first stop was Vegas.Our kids have been begging us to go stay at a hotel for some time.See we normally just drive straight to California.So we stopped and stayed at Circus,Circus.We thought it would be the funniest hotel for the kids.Which it did prove to be. The have a huge indoor theme park,circus acts,arcade ect.The kids loved being there.Although little Van was scared to go on most of the rides.
Then the next night we headed to grandma and grandpas house in Redondo beach,Ca!
We had tons of fun.We got to meet the newest member of the Dastrup clan,Kinley.She is so beautiful.It always takes me back to how small we start out as.Maddie and I had a bunch of fun holding her.James,Caston,Grandpa and I got to go to the Dreamworks studio to have lunch with James's brother who works there.We also got to explore the Dreamworks grounds.It is an amazing place to work. The grounds are so peaceful and beautiful. They feed there employees well also.It was so fun!
We also went to the beach ofcourse and went whale watching in Palos Verdes.It was awesome!So cool to see the whales!Next time I want to go on a boat to get closer.
We also had some days were we just relaxed and got to visit with friends.It was so nice.We sure appreciate Grandma and Grandpa and at other times James's brothers also hosted us. Thanks guys!

Friday, February 26, 2010

So proud of my scouts!

Last night was our cubscouts Blue and Gold dinner.The theme was celebrating The 100th Birthday of Boy Scouts. It was a very fun night with the family,having a wonderful dinner of tacos and chips and salsa and then honoring our boys with the awards they have earned. Noah earned his bobcat!Caston earned his Weeblos and Arrow of light!I am very proud of Caston and Noah and their accomplishments. I absolutely love the scout program.It instills wonderful skills and teaches them to be well-rounded.They have so much fun in scouts!I have been loving my calling as the Bear den mother.I have been in for over a year and love the kids I have worked with. It is always sad to have one move up to weeblos,but I get excited about the new kids that come in. I am learning alot.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My favorite thing...

My number #1 Favorite thing... it my Iphone! I just love it! It has everything.
You have your calendar on there,your email,movies,music,Gps,fun apps,camera,phone and
so much more.Before this I had the Ipod touch,which I absolutly loved as well.The only thing that was missing was I wished it had internet all the time like the Iphone. That was really the only thing I didnt like about it.It just had Wifi.So you had to be some where that had wifi and you had to know the password for the wifi.
I am in heaven! I am so glad I have an understanding husband you bought me the Iphone
after I lost mine at the theaters!I promise I will be way more careful with this one hunny!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Madelyn is 6!

Well I have needed to do this post for a couple of weeks,but life is busy.Madelyn turned 6 on January 13th.She had such a fun week.First she started the week with celebrating her birthday with her grandparents and family,then she had a friend party on her actually birthday party,which was so fun!She wanted all her friends to come in their p.j.'s and have a pillow fight and hot chocolate and princess crown cookies.We opened presents and finished the party with watching"cloudy with a chance of meatballs".Fun was had by all.Later that week she went to two friends birthday parties who had birthdays all within days of each other.Needless to say she had a fun week!Happy Birthday Maddie!Hope you have a wonderful year being 6!

Monday, January 11, 2010

My poem for my Heavenly Father....

A lady in our ward asked my to say a few things of what testify's to me there is a God. I came up with this poem.I am so grateful for her,for letting me giving myself a chance to really ponder this question.

You Have been there from the beginning
Always by my side
To love and to teach
Forever be thine
You raise me up when I am feeling sad
You tell me everthing will be fine
You bless me immensely
With the gospel's truth,Family,friends
safety,Earth beauty,Spirit to help guide me
I can go on and on and on
You carry me through life's burden's
Your reassurance is clear
You fill my heart with emotion
So I know that you are there
You sacrificed your son
so that all your children
can be free to live life's eternal
You give us your example of pure love
So that we your children can be happy
and can bring happiness to others
Please know dear Heavenly Father
I know you are here
I will try and do what you want me to do
So that one day when I return to thee
I can wrap my arms around you
and you will know I always knew you were there.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

What a wonderful Vacation!

We had such a great time going down to California this past December and Jan. We stayed for a while, 12 days!! I think that is the longest vacation we have taken.The dates just matched up perfectly with James's vacation days.With a couple days off in between we got to stay a while.=) The kids did a great job driving to and from,although I wish they would sleep longer and at the same time.=)We stayed most of the time at Grandma and Grandpa Dastrup's home.We also got to stay at my sister Karen's new home in San diego and go to Sea world the next day,which we all loved!Grandma Dastrup and Aunt Tara and Unkie Hans and their two kids even made the trek up there to come with us and ofcourse Karen and baby Leah joined us. It was a great time. I had not been there since high school.And fancy that it was with James.Man we have been together for a long time.I sure love that guy.=)
We are so happy that James's brother Hans and his wife Tara have moved back to southern California next to his parents home. We had so much fun with them. Our kids got along so great!They had moved back from New york so we did get to see them very often. Now we will be able to see them whenever we go down. Which is usually 3x a year and they will hopefully visit us up here.=) We also enjoyed spending time with his other brothers and their wifes. Its so nice that for now everyone is close together so we can visit with them all at once.We are also excited for the new additions coming to the Dastrup Family this year.We are pretty sure one is a neice and we will find out soon what the other one will be.Here's a few pics from our vacation....