Thursday, February 18, 2010

My favorite thing...

My number #1 Favorite thing... it my Iphone! I just love it! It has everything.
You have your calendar on there,your email,movies,music,Gps,fun apps,camera,phone and
so much more.Before this I had the Ipod touch,which I absolutly loved as well.The only thing that was missing was I wished it had internet all the time like the Iphone. That was really the only thing I didnt like about it.It just had Wifi.So you had to be some where that had wifi and you had to know the password for the wifi.
I am in heaven! I am so glad I have an understanding husband you bought me the Iphone
after I lost mine at the theaters!I promise I will be way more careful with this one hunny!


Emily Heider said...

Hey Maryann, is it okay if I follow your blog? Your kids are really cute! Somehow I don't think I realized you had so many!

Maryann said...

Emily- Your so funny!Ofcourse you can follow my blog,I would be honored!