Friday, September 24, 2010

How we first met...

I am stealing this idea from a friends blog.I thought it would be a good idea to write down how James and I first met,so then I can share it with all of you and also so my children can know and remember our story.

I was 15 and was at the home of my boyfriends(to let you know our relationship was about out the door for me as he was treating me not as well as he should and I deserved better) cousin house.We were all gathering there to go to a formal at their high school.As I was standing there alone waiting to go(painfully shy,if you know me I am not a social butterfly until I get to know you well enough)James came up to me and introduced himself and then told me "I looked really nice tonight".At that moment I was putty in his hands.Here was this gorgeous,polite young man being so sweet to me,who he didnt even know me.Unfortunately my boyfriend's cousin,whos house we were at was his girlfriend at the time.Little did I know that relationship was on its way out the door also.But we respected our companions and were out with our companions that night. It wasnt until several months later,we met up at a Church dance where we saw each other again.He asked me to dance,ofcourse I said yes and we talked and discovered neither one of us were in a relationship anymore and how much we liked each other.I was so hoping he would ask me on a date that night,but he didnt instead he ask me if I was going to the next scheduled dance.I said yes.So we told each other we would see each other there.Well when I heard that dance was resheduled for another date.I felt like I had to get a hold of him and let him know. I had to see him again,this I knew for sure. So I did something I never did before,something I still can't believe I did,being as shy as I am. I didnt have his number,so I called someone who did and then I called his home!One of his brothers answered.He wasnt there,so I left the message about the dance.Feeling a little doubtful that he wouldnt get the message.I went to the dance and waited and hoped.I was trying not to make any eye contact to any other boy in the room,because I wanted to be available to James. So when a boy started to walk up to me I would walk away. I know.Mean.But I wanted James. Finally,finally I see him! He see's me! We dance and talk that whole night.My Dad was a chaperone at the dance and asked about the boy I was with and told my Mom "the way those two are looking at each other,I think we are in trouble."James asked me out that night.You seriously could not wipe that smile of my face.We went out to dinner and the beach and then went to his parents home.He brought me home and said goodbye. I opened my front door,shut it and leaned on it smiling away. My Mom came in and asked me about my date and then told me" I think we are going to be seeing alot more of that boy.I said I hope so. Sure enought we dated for the next 2 years then I sent him off on his mission,waited for him, he came home,reconnected instantly,proposed to me the next month on Christmas eve in front of both our families at my house.We were married 4 months later on April 3,1998.I feel incrediably blessed to have this wonderful man in my life. He is my best friend and eternal companion. I pinch myself everyday wondering how I got so lucky. draft

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Hot Springs!

Have you ever been to a natural Hot Spring or wanted to?I have wanted to for a while.We finally found one on the internet that looked good and wasnt to far away. It is in Ogden,Utah. You just pull up to the side of the road and park your car,walk down this path and you have entered in to a whole nother place.=) I felt like I was on vacation. It was awesome. It had 3 natural hot springs right next to this rushing river.With a beautiful waterfall cascading down the mountain. I was in heaven.Even with our kids I felt like we had flown somewhere tropical but this was free except for gas.So many beautiful places to explore,just here in Utah .I am gonna try and focas on places around us to explore than wanting to spend money we dont have and go fly some where else.There is so much beauty here in Utah.