Friday, February 26, 2010

So proud of my scouts!

Last night was our cubscouts Blue and Gold dinner.The theme was celebrating The 100th Birthday of Boy Scouts. It was a very fun night with the family,having a wonderful dinner of tacos and chips and salsa and then honoring our boys with the awards they have earned. Noah earned his bobcat!Caston earned his Weeblos and Arrow of light!I am very proud of Caston and Noah and their accomplishments. I absolutely love the scout program.It instills wonderful skills and teaches them to be well-rounded.They have so much fun in scouts!I have been loving my calling as the Bear den mother.I have been in for over a year and love the kids I have worked with. It is always sad to have one move up to weeblos,but I get excited about the new kids that come in. I am learning alot.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My favorite thing...

My number #1 Favorite thing... it my Iphone! I just love it! It has everything.
You have your calendar on there,your email,movies,music,Gps,fun apps,camera,phone and
so much more.Before this I had the Ipod touch,which I absolutly loved as well.The only thing that was missing was I wished it had internet all the time like the Iphone. That was really the only thing I didnt like about it.It just had Wifi.So you had to be some where that had wifi and you had to know the password for the wifi.
I am in heaven! I am so glad I have an understanding husband you bought me the Iphone
after I lost mine at the theaters!I promise I will be way more careful with this one hunny!