Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Puzzle Champions!

I really have to say I think I have the smartest kids alive..J/k.But they are all very smart.Thank goodness I think they got James genes in that department.Things always come easy for him,but me I have to work harder.
Anyways,I bought 2 24piece puzzles for Van for his bday.He loves puzzles!Unfortunatly he finished them in like 2 seconds.Way too easy for him.So I bought him a 70 pc.Took him a little long 10-15min.Maybe I will look for a 100 pc puzzle for him.=)
Madelyn is my other puzzle champ. I bought her a 60 piece.Same story.Way to easy for her. Bought her a 100pc takes her a little longer,but still does it with ease.guess I will have to find 150 pc for her.=)
My kids amaze me everyday!Here's to my puzzle champs!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I cant believe my baby is 3 today!!

Van I can't believe you are 3 today! It doesn't see fair that time goes so fast sometimes.It seems when you are little you just want to be grownup already,but when you are a grownup you just want time to slow down.I can't believe my baby is 3. I really am out of the baby stage, and it is bitter-sweet.I am a little sad that my kids are just gonna keep growning up and won't need me as much as they continue to grow but I am so excited to watch them as they grow and see the wonderful people they are becoming. I am truely blessed with great kids.
Van I hope you have a great and fun day! You are so special to me!Thank you for brightening my day every day and making me feel so loved.You are so smart and amaze me everyday.I can't believe how well you are at puzzles.How 25 piece puzzles are too easy for you!Your thoughts are amazing.You will always be my baby forever and ever. I love you!!
your Mommy

Friday, June 12, 2009

Oquirrh Mountain Temple

I am so filled with appreciation and happiness and a sense of safety of being surround by Temples.I feel tremendously blessed to be in an area that has 4 temples close by.I grew up with 1 temple and it was 45min-1hr to get there.Now I am surrounded and 1 is just within a few mins to get to.My heart is overflowing with the deep appreciation and love for the gospel that I have in my life.I hold the knowledge to know how to live with my Family (the most important thing to me)Forever.Last night I was able to attend the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open house with my husband James,Caston and my parents.What a wonderful place to be.I was so excited to share the experience of being in the temple with Caston.He was fascinated by it. As we would be going up the stairs he would be looking up at the ceiling and the beautiful Chandeliers and all around he wouldnt be paying attention and almost tripping over his feet. I had to litterally hang on to him so he wouldn't fall down the stairs. I didnt mind at all . I wanted him to take it all in and remember this day and carry it with him so he will work to be worthy to get his temple recommend when it is time and that he will desire to come often.We were able to go on the tour of the temple with a wonderful man in our ward Wayne Wright.He set up a special time that we could go as neighbors.It was wonderful to see alot of my neighbors there and share this experience with them.