Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Puzzle Champions!

I really have to say I think I have the smartest kids alive..J/k.But they are all very smart.Thank goodness I think they got James genes in that department.Things always come easy for him,but me I have to work harder.
Anyways,I bought 2 24piece puzzles for Van for his bday.He loves puzzles!Unfortunatly he finished them in like 2 seconds.Way too easy for him.So I bought him a 70 pc.Took him a little long 10-15min.Maybe I will look for a 100 pc puzzle for him.=)
Madelyn is my other puzzle champ. I bought her a 60 piece.Same story.Way to easy for her. Bought her a 100pc takes her a little longer,but still does it with ease.guess I will have to find 150 pc for her.=)
My kids amaze me everyday!Here's to my puzzle champs!


Burts said...


Janna said...

I love puzzles! Maybe they can come over and help me the next time I get a big one out??

Andrea said...

It was SO GOOD to see you at the pool today. I just luv ya!

BTW, You look stunning! And your kiddos are so cute!
(Sorry my daughter took that pink water snake thing away from your little son and made him cry. She needs to work on being nice.)