Friday, March 06, 2009

Grateful for Trials

I know this is might be weird to say. But I am grateful for trials.I am grateful

because you grow as a person and learn more about the kind of person you are or can be.

Going through the trials James and I have faced this last year has only stregnthened

our relationship.I did not think that was possible.You want ( And I am only speaking for

myself.I realize not everyone has the same experiences.) to do everything possible to make

your spouse feel better about the trials you are going through. I am a type of person

who trys to adjust positively to trials that I go through.Does that mean I don't hurt ,stress,cry.

No. I have done plenty of that lately.I do know people react differently and maybe react differently to different trials.We can not grow spiritually as a person

if we never go through trials.My testimony has stregnthened throught this trial we went through. Heaven Father has blessed us a great deal . I want you all to know,I know our Heavenly Father listens to our prayers and he is aware of our dealings.Some trials are short , some are long , some last the entire time we are here on Earth.Everyone is going through a trial or more than one.I want to always remember that and beaware and try to help out any way I can. I have also felt so much love from family and friends during this time. I want to thank all of you that made us feel so loved.We love you and hope we can always be there for you.So there you have it. I am grateful for trials,atleast what you get out of it.=) But I will enjoy being a little less stressed and hope that it is gonna be a while till my next trial.