Monday, January 11, 2010

My poem for my Heavenly Father....

A lady in our ward asked my to say a few things of what testify's to me there is a God. I came up with this poem.I am so grateful for her,for letting me giving myself a chance to really ponder this question.

You Have been there from the beginning
Always by my side
To love and to teach
Forever be thine
You raise me up when I am feeling sad
You tell me everthing will be fine
You bless me immensely
With the gospel's truth,Family,friends
safety,Earth beauty,Spirit to help guide me
I can go on and on and on
You carry me through life's burden's
Your reassurance is clear
You fill my heart with emotion
So I know that you are there
You sacrificed your son
so that all your children
can be free to live life's eternal
You give us your example of pure love
So that we your children can be happy
and can bring happiness to others
Please know dear Heavenly Father
I know you are here
I will try and do what you want me to do
So that one day when I return to thee
I can wrap my arms around you
and you will know I always knew you were there.


Cherice said...

That's a beautiful poem Maryann! I didn't know you were a poet! Thanks for sharing it!

DreaminInPaisley said...

And once again, I am introduced to yet another beautiful talent my beautiful and sweet sister has to share.
You're precious Maryannie.

UC said...

That's a very sweet poem Maryann. I love the part you wrote about wrapping you arms around Heavenly Father. You did a great job expressing your feelings and testimony.

becca said...

That was wonderful to read Maryann, sure miss ya, Thank you for sharing that with me. Becca

Van said...

Maryann: What a beautiful poem. You are so special and we love you very much!!! Mom and Dad

Rachel said...

Love the poem! It touched me very much at church! Thanks for sharing it! Love the blog!