Saturday, April 03, 2010

Happy 12th Anniversary,Hunny!

Dear James,

Here on this day, celebrating our 12 year wedding anniversary I sit and ponder and think of you.I think of how happy you have made me through all the years I have known you.Starting with the very first time you spoke to me, when I was just 15 years of age.Such kind words for me to hear.I remember how it made me feel for you to notice me.I continue to pinch myself every day since then and wonder why me? How did I catch your heart so. How did I get so lucky?Your everything to me.Everything that I could ask for.You have brought so much into my life.I am so grateful to have you for a best friend,eternal companion and father to my children.Thank you for all you do for me and our children.You are so selfless,kind,funny,honest and caring.Thank you for loving me. I feel how strong your love is for me and I hope you always feel how strong my love is for you and how it even still continues to grow,even when I can't imagine loving you even more, it grows.I am excited to live forever with you! I love you,always.

Your wife,

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