Thursday, April 29, 2010

We have another addition to our family....

Well, I have been asking James for a few months now if we could get another kitty.He wanted one just as bad as I did, even though he is allergic.We just love kitty-cats.The are soft and cuddley and are pretty easy to take care off.The kids love watching them chase a variety of things around the room.
So we went on Ksl and found a home that just had baby kitties that needed a home.So we called at 9pm that night and picked her up at 9:30pm.You usually have to jump right on it if you find baby kitty's for sale (especially girl ones)because they go fast and ofcourse we were very excited to get her.So James,Noah,Maddie and Van were in the car on the way home from picking the kitty up when James said"What should we name her?". Van instantly stated the kitty should be called"Crystal".So then everybody else said some other suggestions and Van told them he had already named her"Crystal". So that was that, our new kitty's name is Crystal.Here some pictures of her and our other sweet cat Mimi(who we had since she was a kitty as well.)Mimi wasnt so sure of her at first,but now has taken over the motherly/friend duties of Crystal.Which we were hoping for..

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Andrea said...

I, too, have cat allergies, but LOVE them! We have two cats, and I sneeze every day. But when I think about all the kitties out there without homes, it makes me want to become "the cat lady" and adopt them all!