Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Vegas/California trip 2010

I actually was not planning to go to California till July since we just went for Christmas/New years.But I was so glad when James said he needed a vacation and asked when the kids were off-track next.Since they are off for a whole month,it helped having a vacation for 10 of those 30 days!=) So our first stop was Vegas.Our kids have been begging us to go stay at a hotel for some time.See we normally just drive straight to California.So we stopped and stayed at Circus,Circus.We thought it would be the funniest hotel for the kids.Which it did prove to be. The have a huge indoor theme park,circus acts,arcade ect.The kids loved being there.Although little Van was scared to go on most of the rides.
Then the next night we headed to grandma and grandpas house in Redondo beach,Ca!
We had tons of fun.We got to meet the newest member of the Dastrup clan,Kinley.She is so beautiful.It always takes me back to how small we start out as.Maddie and I had a bunch of fun holding her.James,Caston,Grandpa and I got to go to the Dreamworks studio to have lunch with James's brother who works there.We also got to explore the Dreamworks grounds.It is an amazing place to work. The grounds are so peaceful and beautiful. They feed there employees well also.It was so fun!
We also went to the beach ofcourse and went whale watching in Palos Verdes.It was awesome!So cool to see the whales!Next time I want to go on a boat to get closer.
We also had some days were we just relaxed and got to visit with friends.It was so nice.We sure appreciate Grandma and Grandpa and at other times James's brothers also hosted us. Thanks guys!


Burts said...

I am so glad you guys had so much fun! Welcome home, we missed you.

Katie said...

Sounds like so much fun! I'm jealous! I need a vacation.