Thursday, June 24, 2010

Van turns 4!!

So my baby turns another year older,and I think how bittersweet it is. I am sad to see him growning up so fast,but on the other hand its nice to get pass the baby stage and see him become more independent.Not saying I don't like the baby stage, I love it.But after a while and I am sure I am not the only one,I need a break from it.Its alot of hard work.But as I said I am sad that I won't be having anymore babies.I will just have to enjoy the babies around me and I can't wait to be a grandma(although Im not ready yet),I think that will be the best.
So Van had a wonderful birthday. I really love to make it so special and fun for my kids when they have birthdays. I know James thinks I spend too much money,but I can't help it. I guess its because my Mom always made my birthdays so fun and special and still does and also joins in with my kids making and giving them special gifts.I always appreciate her effort of making our day so special so I want to carry that on to my children.
Anyways, we started out his birthday with singing him "Happy Birthday" as soon as he woke up,to having his special Toy Story cereal for breakfast( I let the kids choose what they want to eat all three meals on their birthday).We then had a bunch of cute kids from the neighborhood over for his Toy Story themed birthday party.It was so fun.All the kids had a great time,including me. Then after the party I took him to go see "Toy Story 3",which was AWESOME! Loved it so much! Then we had his birthday dinner.Pizza was his choice. Finished the night with playing with his new toys!What a great day! Happy Birthday my precious boy! I love you so much!!

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