Sunday, September 27, 2009

Grand Canyon and California Trip

The beginning of this month we were planning one of our many trips to California.Well James thought it would be fun to go somewhere on the way
there.Since all our kids are potty-trained and big enough we don't have to
feel like we have to rush there.So we decided we would go to the Grand Canyon.
Wow!What amazing place! So beautiful. We stayed there for a couple of days and we were lucky enough to have James's parents and brother join us.The kids had a blast.Seeing beautiful scenery and wildlife,becoming jr camp rangers,going to a ranger show at night in the woods,being able to eat out at every meal,getting to eat whatever they want and Maddie's favorite part of the trip is sleeping in our Cabin-type motel at the Grand Canyon.My only thing I didnt like was the stress I had every time we would be at the Grand Canyon's edge with 4 little kids!They did do good and I am so glad we had an adult for each kid.And ofcourse like always we had a wonderful time visiting family and friends in California.


Katie said...

Wow, I'm impressed. I'm sure I would be a nervous wreck anytime my kids were near the edge of the Grand Canyon. How fun that you got to go!

becca said...

Looked like a ton of fun Maryann, Someday we would love to make it there.