Friday, April 03, 2009

Happy 11th Anniversary!!

James, words cannot express how deeply in love I am with you.Ever since our first date I knew something was so special about you and you know my Mom said that first night she had a feeling we were gonna be seeing alot more of you.=) You don't know how badly I hoped that to be true.You have always treated me with great care and love. I have always felt your love. I love you for that.You are an amazing Husband, Friend and Father.I am proud of you and the kind of person you are.You make my world go round.I love how we can laugh so hard with each till we are cryin. I love how I still feel so excited to see you after work or when we have been apart.(And it's not just because I need help with the kids.=) ) I love how we get along so well and how relaxed we are with each other. I feel very blessed to have you as my Forever Eternal Companion.I have enjoyed so much being married to you these last 11 years and I cannot wait to enjoy forever with you.Always know how much I love you!

Yours Forever,



Burts said...

Congratulations Guys!!

Janna said...

What a nice tribute to your husband. Congratulations!

Andrea said...

You two are beautiful together (with beautiful children)! Happy Anniversary!