Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Noah is "8"!!

This is a birthday Noah has anticipated for a while,like since his older brother turned 8, 2 1/2 years ago. When he saw what you get to do when your "8"...getting baptized,Scouts.I am so glad it is finally here so he can experience these awesome experiences he has waited to experience for so long. I was at his school yesterday on his birthday to bring his baby book to show the class and bring some cookies to share with the class.Its a special thing you get to do on your birthday in his class.You can have your Mom or Dad bring in some pictures of you when you were a baby and tell about when you were born.You also can bring in a special treat for the class.The class also gets to ask you any questions they want about you.So one of the questions was"What is your favorite thing about turning "8" is?" Noah quickly replied "getting baptized".Proud Mommy moment number 1.The second proud Mommy moment was with another question "What is your favorite thing to do?"Playing video games and spending time with my Mommy.
Noah is such a special kid.He is full of life.He cares for people deeply.He cares how people feel.I am so proud of the kind of person Noah is.I hope he always feels how much he is truely loved by those that surround him.
Noah I hope you had an AWESOME birthday and I hope you love being "8"!

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