Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Birthday,Caston!!

I cannot believe I have a kid who is a decade old!Caston I cannot believe you are 10

today!I remember so clearly when you were born.What a great joy and love we felt when you

where placed in my arms that very first time and every time after that my love and joy as even grown stronger.Caston I am so proud of the person you are becoming.I really appreciate your sweet spirit and your willingness to help me (most of the time =) ) Please always know how much you mean to your father and I .You are such a wonderful part of our family.We feel so blessed that you chose us to be your parents here on Earth and that Heavenly Father has intrusted us with you.We are always here for you ,We love you!! Happy Birthday!!


Maryann said...

Can someone tell me why my words keep seperating when I post them.They are together when I write but when I press post it seperates the top words for some reason?

Burts said...

I dont know but that was a beautiful tribute to a really neat kid!