Sunday, February 05, 2012

Maddie got Baptized!

I am so proud of Maddie and her decision to get Baptized and become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.I remember a few weeks ago when we were up at the Oquirrh Temple getting Maddies Baptism pictures taken by our sweet neighbor Mindy,we were in between intakes, I was trying to warm Maddies hands,she was such a trooper to take pictures in the middle of January in 30 degree weather outside in a dress,Anyways as I was warming her hands she looked up at me with her beautiful brown eyes looking into mine and said "Mom,I'm so excited to get Baptized!"
Well I was so overcome with love and happiness that Maddie wanted to make the righteous decision to be Baptized that tears filled my eyes as my heart was full of love and proudness for my sweet daughter.It was such a special day as Family gathered together to support her in this day as her Dad Baptized her and as he and her uncle Sifa,Uncle Brian and Grandpa Dastrup and Grandpa Peterson and Bishop Browning gave her a special blessing for her to recieve the Holy Ghost.What a wonderful day I will never forget.

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Ashlee Christopher said...

What a perfect family you have congrats on the baptism!