Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Well I never thought I would agree to getting a dog,but as some of you know (who have children) your love and desire for them to be happy is unconditional.
So after years of my kids begging for a dog,my 9 year old Noah writes James and I a 2 1/2 page letter of how much he wants a puppy and how he will take care of him all the time and love us Forever if we get him one. How could we resist? I did tell him since I am not a dog person ( I prefer my kitties.) I would be picking out the dog because it had to be the cutest dog ever since I know I would be doing the taking care of, even with the sincerity of Noah's promises.I think I did find the cutest dog ever.Luke is making me into more of a dog person.He is the sweetest,cutest,cuddliest doggie ever! But man will I be happy when he is potty-trained!Ughhhhh!!!!

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