Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Miss Maddie!

Maddie had a fun birthday. We didnt do a friend party, but me and her had mommy and daughter time all day. I completely dedicated all my time to her on her special day January 13.We started the day with her favorite special breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes and bacon.Then we went to Claires and got her earspierced.She has been so excited to get her earspierced.Pretty much all she has talked about for a couple of months,more and more as the time got close.=)Then we did some shopping,spent way too much.But since she is my only girl I think its fine.=)
Then we went to Madelines Resteraunt here in South Jordan.This is the second year in a row we have gone on her birthday.This might be a fun tradition.She loves it because ofcourse its her same name, only spelled a little different.We then came home and watched some movies together and cuddled.Needless to say she thought it was the best birthday ever! Happy 7th Birthday my Beautiful girl!

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