Sunday, September 28, 2008

Treasures from "Oh Sweet Sadie"

I have been looking forward to "Oh Sweet Sadie" ,which is a gift and art show.All the proceeds went to a family in need. The parents of 4 young kids were in a plane crash and were badly burned.It warms my heart to be apart of a giving community to raise money for this wonderful family. I attended the one on saturday in Daybreak. My Mom and I went and had a wonderful time. There was alot of fun things to buy,but alas there is that money thing that gets in the way of all that I wanted to buy. I did treat myself to a hat and scarf. Not quite yet the weather for it,but soon it will be and I will be nice and toasty.


Liz said...

You look cute! Good finds! I'd post pictures of what I got but I don't think I'd look very cute wearing magnets.

Marci said...

Don't worry about waiting for "hat weather" Utah you can wear it for several months!! So happy to see your blog. Hang in there, kids love chicken nugget night...and frozen pizza night too.

Andrea said...

I love the Sweet Sadie show! I got carried away with little vinyl decorations for the kids' rooms (and some don't even show up well, dang!) Also got a beautiful magnet board. Hope my husband didn't notice the near $100 ding in the account! Whoops!
I am going to have to add you to my blog.
You look fabulous in your hat/scarf!