Thursday, October 09, 2008

Time to start backing up your stuff

James here, posting on Maryann's blog, which was originally my blog, so I don't feel so bad. Just 'cause I didn't post anything for three years doesn't mean I wasn't planning on it.

Anyway, as the computer guy serving the family, extended family, neighborhood, friends, businesses and clients, I run into way too many people who don't back up their data. It's one of those things you don't often think about until you need it. In an instant you can lose many years worth of digital photos, music library, e-mail, documents and more. Due to recent events and as a reminder: Backup your stuff!

There are several ways to do it: copy everything to a USB stick or external drive, CD or DVD's, for example. But the most convenient way is to sign up for an online backup service. This takes the hassle out of it, and also copies everything off-site, just in case you had a theft or fire. So now it's time for a truly shameless plug - my company is now offering an easy online backup service for personal or business use. Check it out at As friends and family, if you like I will personally assist you with backing up your data, regardless of which method you choose.


Janna said...

I would like help...

Paisley said...

Thanks James, I would love some help as I didn't even know I COULD safely save my info...especially with all the fam. genealogy I have in this mess of a computer.
Also, could you give me the web address for the spyware program you had recommended about a year ago? Thanks!!